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Love the lenses they really pop ! Lenses are skycos red from @pinkydollyshop_official

Skycos Red

Ordered from @pinkydollyshop_official for the first time a couple weeks ago, and I really like these lenses i got for sailormoon characters ! They have lil moons and stars in them I think it's so pretty. They are called Moonstar Blue if anyone was wondering !!

Moonstar Blue
I ordered lenses from @pinkydollyshop_official specifically for my Miu Iruma cosplay and they’re absolutely perfect!✨ I believe the lenses are called Dolly Gray!
Dolly Gray

I love my contact lenses.They are vibrant and very comfortable !

Manga Turquoise Green

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Post a photo / video of you wearing / using any PinkyDollyShop products on Instagram feed (not story).

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Tag @pinkydollyshop_official and mentioned you get it from our store @pinkydollyshop_official


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Rules Photos showing the product clearly are preferred. We can only see posts from non-private accounts. No giveaway/fake/duplicate accounts. Products in the photo must have been purchased from PinkyDollyShop (we will check your order history). Must follow us at Instagram @pinkydollyshop_official. Only post at Instagram feed will be considered.

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Hello ! Welcome to our lovey dovey small shop.Our shop was established since 2010. We ship worldwide. Our shop comprised of ready stock & pre order stock. You should be able to see that each time you selected a product. It indicates the amount of processing time for that item to ship out. If you need something fast , please do shop from this category ready stock collection .Our ready stock collection have over 500 design ! We sold many brands available from the market and only from most trusted manufacturers. We always strive to pursue the market demand and we keep many beautiful and unique contact lens under one platform to fulfill our customers needs and to provide greater varieties of choices ! Reseller or drop ship welcome 😊 contact us for reseller price.


Most of our lenses are direct from factory thus we were able to offer the finest quality at the most affordable price. All were originally label 100% original packaging. Only a handful were house brand labeled. If you are a contact lens lover you will surely noticed many lenses from different shop share almost similar lenses design which is because there were all from the same mother company or factories. But because most company prefer to repackaging the whole products so it looked more exclusive and tend to be higher price due to these extra cost. Why pay more when you actually can get the same product with original exclusive packaging. If you haven't check out our lens original packaging you probably should check it out today !


If you know any lens that you would love us to have it please don't hesitate to let us know. Currently we have also expanded to sell many other fashionable products such as apparels and fashion accessories. Happy shopping :)

❤️When you support small business, you're supporting a dream❤️

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